Bigger and even MORE stories. The 4th annual Inclusive Schools Read Event is happening all over Nova Scotia between Nov. 14-18th, 2021

More 3,800 elementary students joined our 4th annual event!

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Why it all begins with a story...

Being inclusive is a journey. I always say to people there is no end game here. It takes work and it demands intention.

After all, if you're cisgender and/or straight, how can you begin to understand the marginalization truly experiences by someone who is gender expansive, trans, non-binary or somewhere under the 2SLGBTQIA+ rainbow?

How can you create space for them to feel welcome, accepted and thrive? How can you be a true ally and/or friend?

Storytelling builds empathy and for a moment in time, when you walk with us, we want you to try to feel what it might be like to walk in someone else's shoes. Our stories have been written with passion and with an urgency to begin a long-overdue conversation in our schools and communities.

The stories we share break down barriers and inspire intentional, confident allyship.

Welcome to our journey in changing the narrative.